[iR] 4h of Spa (Night) HPD / GT3

  • Wer ist alles am Start bei den 4h von Spa im HPD oder GT3?


    Team name: Team Racing Community #703
    Driver names: Sebastian Praun, Patrick Hutfilz
    Car: HPD
    Country: Germany

    Team name: SimRC.de Academy Team #771
    Driver names: Christoph Weitz, Lukas Dolzer
    Car: HPD
    Country: Germany / Austria


    welcome to Drivers-Brief

    First of all - welcome to Iracing Endurance Event first official event!
    4 Hours race + Practice and Qual.

    Start 3:00 p.m. CEST / UTC +2
    Practice 50 min.
    Qual 1 hour (qualifier must start the race)
    Race 4 hours (start approx. 5:00 p.m. CEST / UTC +2)
    Finish 9:00 p.m. CEST / UTC +2

    OBS: track state is green from practice start!
    Race start time is Approx 03.00 pm. be there in time!
    practice is only 50 min. to comprehend loading times - and hold schedule!

    Spa is a well known track - and maybe some of you can drive it blindfolded! what you can't do blindfolded, is a multiclass race!

    We all have the first place in mind, we all want to be the best, and we all want to have fun! that's why we race!

    with that said, we are racing in 2 classes, with a different approach! Accidents will happen, it's a race!

    To give all some fairness in race accidents - We have Marshals who will look things through, and if needed give out penalties!

    PASSWORD will be released 1 hour before server start!

    -Iracing standard rules are applied
    -Marshalls is in their right to give following penalties:
    *Drive Through.
    *stop and go (10, 25, 45, 60, 120 sek).
    *Fair Race incident
    *Driver #* drive through
    *Driver #* Stop n Go for xxx sec.
    *Any time penalty awarded within last 15 minutes of the race, will be added after the chequered flag has dropped.
    *DisQ Car/Drivers that continuously cut, hit others, driving unsafely ect.

    Race Controls decision are final - and must be followed!

    Safety & safety car procedures:
    -Full Course Yellow with Lucky Dog
    -Usually 2 laps safety car. Marshalls add laps if tracks not clear!
    -Cars in other classes must respect each other! If cars in different classes are on lap and battle for position, it's a race position!
    -Cars failing to give room will be looked at, if a complaint is given to marshall.
    -When lapping a slower car, remember to pace yourself. It is your job to get past them safely.

    Safety car is deployed if needed. Safety car will not be deployed on single accidents. 2 cars with contact spinning out into gravel/side of track will not deploy a safety car. Cars on track that will or can cause an accident will be a valid safety car! safety car will be out for at least 2 laps. Marshalls can add laps if needed!

    Race incidents:
    In race description we told you all that 100 inc would mean disq! after reviewing the practice sessions we have decided to go with the dynamic INC instet. giving you all approx 25 more = 125 INC ish.

    INC: DisQ at laps + 10% (50 laps = 55 INC) after race, the team will be removed from the result. Track limit do also count as INC.

    we don't want drivers to take advantage of wide corners! we are racing on the track, and not the wide circuit!

    -After receiving a incident report the marshalls will go over the incident and take appropriate action. All incidents in the Single Events like SPA must be under the race and not after!

    Leaving PIT
    All cars must maintain their line = right side until the road is clear! this is a bit of a confusion situation when the racingline is allso in the right side. but to have a clear understanding of a “rule” this is the way its gonna be! fast cars comming from behind must thereby go on the left side.

    HPD cars must show patience if straight is filled with GT3 cars

    There will be one qualifying session to determine the starting grid and organised as follows:
    1 Hour open Qual - Qualifier must grid the car

    Start - Leading/pole car decides when to apply full throttle. Pole car are not allowed to Joke Throttle before the start (GT3 field pole car must maintain a distance of approx 5 sec to the last HPD before race start. RACE STARTS ON THE ODL PITSIDE (close to eau rouge) Must contain minimum pace car speed until release. Overtaking allowed from race start (pole car goes on the gas) Any contact within the first 3 corners must be avoided (it's an Endurance race) should an accident happen, Marshalls will look through and give their review in chat.
    Your car must be rolling/still in race (repair in pit, is ok) when the checked flag are showed.
    Size of team(s) is between 1 and 5 drivers pr. car / crew chief is allowed beyond the 5 drivers!

    VOICE CHAT - must be activated. messages or penalties may be given over radio!
    it is not allowed to push or make your way clear through the radio!

    For the HPD Teams / Drivers

    Race INC. / Contact with gt3 will not be accepted - Avoid if you can! even if it means hitting the grass or gravel! much faster to recover from that, then a broken wheel…!

    Overtaking a GT3 must be done with determination! if you hesitate they will to!
    Overtaking into a Corner must be done with cautions. Remember a car do have blind spots! Be sure to use flashing lights to make sure they see you! if an accident happens, and there is no flashing lights - marshalls will have that in mind!

    Blue flags must be followed

    GT3 will hold their line, when you are lapping - find a way around them!

    in short - when you overtake, do it safely! no point in making a move - and 50 meters later, ending up in the gravel!

    have patience!

    For the GT3 Teams / Drivers

    Race INC. / Contact with HPD will not be accepted - Avoid if you can! even if it means hitting the grass or gravel! much faster to recover from that, then a broken wheel…!

    Blue flags must be followed

    Be Aware when leaving pits, HPDs is going very fast through eau rouge.

    Holding your Line is Alfa Omega - Don't try to be nice to an HPD driver laping you by going wide or narrow. you are racing as well, and HPD will have to find a way around you. changing line is much slower and dangerous for both of you!

    when getting lapped into a corner DONT try to outbreak an HPD - it will not happen! if you be a miracle manage to, it will end up in a crash!