Iris signed up for the NEO Endurance Series

The defending GT2 Champion of the NEO Endurance Series signed up for the upcoming NES Season. Due to a changing in the regulations the GT2 Team had to choose another car. Leonardo Corti, Stefan Seitweger and Sven Deml decided to race with the Aston Martin GT1. We are excited to see them again in the most popular Endurance Series. This team will start as Iris.

We had the chance to talk to Sven and Stefan.
“Last season has been great for us, winning a class was one of my personal highlights in iRacing so far. However, with the new season in front of us, it’s old news now. In Season 3 we’re changing to the Aston Martin, where we have way less experience than in the FGT. I expect it to be quite a Challenge.”, told us Stefan. Sven is happy that the competition in the NES is always strong so that they have to push every race to the limit. It was his biggest achievement in his career so far.

Both Stefan and Sven weren’t surprised that the Ford GT GT2 will be removed for the next season. A low participation was the reason to add the German GT3 class instead of the Ford GT to the field.

We asked Sven about the reason to drive the Aston Martin GT1 in the next season: “The decision was pretty easy for us. We are all GT drivers so the HPD is out of the question and all three of us dislike GT3 cars so they weren’t an option either. Now we only had to decide between Aston and Corvette. We already have a few strong GT1 drivers in the team who all race the Aston so choosing that one just made the most sense.”

Also, it seems to be the toughest NEO Endurance Series so far. There are a lot of top GT1 teams like CORE Motorsports, Coanda Simsports and Pure Racing Team and Stefan didn’t want to know the expectations of others, “It’s a new situation for all of us, so we’ll lay off talking about expectations for now. We’ll just give it our best and see where we stand once the first practice sessions open up.”

At least we want to know what they think about the other GT1 team which consist of Dustin Hickmann, Gianni Vecchio and the ProtoGT Champion Jürgen Frank.
“With the dominance these guys have shown in ProtoGT Series this season and in the GT1 series the season before they are probably the favourites right now. Jürgen won the GT1 championship 2 seasons in a row and Gianni and Dustin have both shown they can consistently beat all the other GT1 drivers as well, I’m looking forward to some great battles with them.”, said Sven Deml.