decided to take part in the Spring Season of the DGFX World Endurdance Championship.

The DGFX WEC is splitted into 3 classes, Prototype with the HPD ARX, GT with the three German GT3, the Audi R8, BMW Z4 and the Mercedes Benz AMG GT and GTC with the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

The WEC will take place at the worlds most famous race tracks like Spa, Interlagos and Suzuka. The highlight during the championship is for sure the 6 hour race, at the Norschleife which is also home sweet home for our Team. And we will visit Canadian Tire Motorsport Park as well.

We decided to sign up with two teams in the Porsche GT3 Cup.

But first of all we want to thank our sponsors Homeracer and Simatok for these two shiny (and also fresh and fruity) new liveries on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Cars.

SimRC Melon signed up with Patrick Jung, who completes a team with Gianni Vecchio. The two German drivers want to get as many podiums as possible and fight for the Top 5 of the GTC class. Their goal is to get a decent result, hopefully on the podium, at Interlagos.

SimRC Strawberry signed up with Dustin Hickmann, Jürgen Frank, René Osterkamp and also with the well-known Ruf C-Spec Pro Leonardo Corti, with a place on the reserve list.
The three Germans and the Swiss guy have all four high names. They will definitely race for the championship and get a few wins for sure. They just need a bit of luck, to get into the entire list for the first race.

We are looking forward to a very strong Porsche field with teams like Vendeval Racing, Black Adder Motorsports, Black Star Racing and many others. Of course our well-known friends from Torque Freak Racing with Georg Gruber, David Barraclough and Phil Roberts signed up too with a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

First race will take place at the 3 Hours of Interlagos on Saturday the 4th of February from 17 GMT on live on Racespot TV.