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During his childhood, Edouard Fatio was fascinated by the Lancia Stratos driven by his father. It was therefore not surprising to see him later become a rally driver himself. His many years of experience as a “rallyman” led him to design a simulator which is capable of accurately reproducing the dynamic sensations perceived when driving a race car.
Driven by his passion and after 15 years of rally racing, it took him 3 years of development and thorough thinking to achieve the first version of his simulator. Why so many years? Because he could not consider building a machine which would not meet all race drivers’ high expectations. It had to be perfect!
Indeed, designing such a simulator not only required an acute practical driving experience, but a highly technical knowledge of car dynamics.
The purpose of designing this simulator was to improve the race drivers’ performances in any category: from Formula One to Rally racing.With a huge passion and the help of advanced state-of-the-art technologies, Edouard built a simulator that best reproduces the driving sensations.
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The Home Racer is a driving simulator, suitable for all consoles like Play Station 4, Xbox One and the PC you can enjoy all racing games. An original way to have a fun time, alone, with family or friends. Thanks to the adjustable seat, adults and children get the ideal driving position. The body in polyester, the seat drawn by designers of the prestigious and famous motorsports brand Sparco.
The Home Racer is available in a huge variety of different colors. You can choose if you want to have on colour or an an association of different colors. It’s also possible to customize the Home Racer in the colors of your choice.
In two test centeres – Brussels and Genval – you can test the home racer extensively.
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RaceSpot TV is a live broadcasting team who focus on the things that matter to viewers the most, and that’s providing a top quality product every single race. No gimmicks, no false promises, just awesome online broadcasting.
RaceSpot TV was founded in late 2013 by Rafael Sanque, Hugo Luis and Wil Vincent. The premise behinds the brand was simple, to strip away all the jargon being used to sell broadcasts at an overly inflated price, and concentrate on the producing the best quality broadcasts.
2014 saw RaceSpot quickly become recognized as one of the world’s premier sim racing broadcasters, providing coverage of some of the biggest sim racing events in the world. After being awarded the contract for many iRacing Series, we have been able to demonstrate the unwavering quality of our work. Ever looking to push the boundaries of sim broadcasting, RaceSpot has recently introduced sim racing’s most advanced graphics package to it’s broadcasts, providing a wealth of statistical information in a way which viewers can clearly understand without overloading them.
Ascher-Racing offers high-end simulator equipment made in Germany. Martin Ascher was part of the OpenSimwheel movement in 2014 and started to develop paddle shifters at that time. His product portfolio now covers not only paddle shifters but also clutch paddles, servo mounting brackets as well as complete button plate and steering wheel solutions. You can bet that he won’t run out of ideas for innovative products.
His brand stands for top quality products with an unmatched price-performance-ratio. His products are widely accepted so that he recently expanded his market reach to general automotive as well as real racing applications.
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