GES Road America – Race report team Emerald

41 Teams, 4 hours of racing and 118 completed laps – this is a short race report about the first race in the Gathering of the Tweakers Endurance Series Season 3.

Max did a great job and put the car in to P2 in 15 minutes of qualifying 0,289 seconds behind Simone Maria Marceno from Thrustmaster Mivano. The race starts at 17:30 GMT and 3 laps later the Emerald C7 prototype was at the end of the field, it was a chaotic start. Mivano accelerated short before the green flag and coasted again, but Max was full in race mode and take the lead. iRacing sanctioned this start with a stop and go penalty. Due to the fact that Mivano created a lot of confusion at the start finish straight the race control handed out a 60 second stop & go penalty. Both teams, who qualified in the first row of the grid fall back at the end of the field and the Backmarker Racing team took the lead in the 4h of Road America.

Max did an awesome job and gained a lot of places during his first two stints. So that we were back in P4 behind Backmarker Racing, Simracing for Holland and Torque Freak Racing after 1 hour and 50 Minutes. In the third stint Max starts to battle with Jake Robson from Torque Freak Racing, but a little mistake results in a spin and Torque Freak Racing was 10 seconds ahead again.
After two and a half hours Simracing for Holland and Torque Freak Racing started to battle for P2 and Max was able to close the gap to a few seconds. Torque wanted to take P2 before the final driver change on the start-finish line but Simracing for Holland blocked the move very late and got a penalty by the race control. The delict happened one lap before the pit stop, so they had to go once more to the pits and lost the fight for P2. Max was able to fight back into the draft of Torque Freak Racing and as they had to go to the pits we could drive 4 additional laps, because of our penalty at the race starts, where we take 10 litres of fuel. Within those laps Max hardly pushed so that Christoph came out of the box at P2 with 1 hour and 30 minutes left.

At the beginning Christoph wasn’t able to run the laps times at Max did, that´s why Pedro van Baelen from Torque Freak Racing could easily take P2 with a nice overtake on the outside of turn 3. In the following laps the gap gained to 3 seconds and additional 3 seconds as Christoph overtook the GTC from Pure Racing Team on the outside of the carousel, where Christoph span out due to a contact. After that Christoph could run constant laps, which brought the team back to P2 after the last pit stop. With 25 minutes ahead Backmarker Racing lead with 25 seconds and Torque Freak Racing battled with Thrustmaster Mivano for P3 7 seconds behind Mivano and Torque had an intense fight and Torque was pushed of the track at Bill Mitchell Bend. The race control evaluates this contact as a race incident without a penalty for Thrustmaster Mivano. In the following laps Pedro van Baelen tried his best to fight back, but the race control gave them a penalty after an avoidable car contact.

Marco I D´Arcunto who had to step into the team, because of a registration error by Carlo Labti, pushed hard but the cap to didn’t shrink.

Max and Christoph finished second in their first Gathering of the Tweakers Endurance Race. Next stop is Imola at the 12th of November.

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