GES Racereport Imola Team Magenta

Second race and first race review from our little Magenta colored team here on the new website. But first a few words about the first round at Road America: The race itself went well till the huge accident in turn 1 with our guys from Torque Freak Racing, a C7 Daytona Prototype and a Mercedes AMG GT3. Lukas did an awesome job in his first stints, gaining 3 positions after P8 in qualifying and as he gave Patrick the car, we stood in P5 of the GTC field. During Patrick’s stints, nothing really happens. He was a bit slower than the guys behind him but he was able to fight against them. On his last lap of his second stint, the KRT Motorsports C-Spec took his chance on the start finish straight and overtook him for P5. But even with old tires, Patrick was able to counter at the end of the next long straight and reovertakes for P5. Lukas takes over at the pitstop and the fight was on for the last top 5 position – till the unfortunate crash after turn 1. With 41 minutes left in the race and 42 Minutes of repairtime – instead of a good result, we left Road America without seeing the checkered flag.

This brings us to the second round of the Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series at Imola. A track with great (and sad) history and we were excited about the race. But doing the great pace on the front of the C-Spec Field – We only qualified in 10th position. Our tteammates from Cyan, with René and Peter behind the wheel, did a better job and out qualified us for the second time in a Row.
The start was okay. Patrick gained a spot after the slow down penalty for Torque Freak Racing so P9 for the Magenta Team. Unfortunately this Position didn’t last for too long. A collision with another C-Spec in the first Rivazza turn costs Patrick several positions. The good news on the other hand were, that other teams had similar problems and incidents (like CoRe Motorsports or our Sister Team Cyan). After the pitstop on lap 29, we were in 8th position and Frank was behind the wheel now. Imola is a very narrow track and Frank learned that the hard way. Several Cars (C7 Prototypes, AMG’s and the C-Spec Leaders) coming up behind Frank and he was about to let them through to start his stint properly and not in panic – but a small hit from the Buschfink C-Spec in turn 11 ruined hopes for a good result.
The right rear tire got hitted and this made the car very unpredictable in left hand corners – with a 2 Minute pitstop and a very damaged car – Frank came out in P11. In Lap 37 we had contact with the Backmarker Racing C7, which resulted in a drive through penalty for that. Sure our sister Emerald team was happy about that, but the contact wasn’t helpful at all for us. Few laps later Frank turned into a Mercedes driving towards Aqua Minerale but with no consequences for the AMG. 0x and no reaction (like sliding or something) from the Mercedes let us thought, that there will be no penalty for that. But race control had no remorse in giving us a 10 sec stop & hold penalty. But even with that we were still sitting in P9 (2 C-Specs crashed during the Stint) and after that penalty, the Stint goes by till the last driver swap.
Patrick sat down behind the wheel and it was very hard for him to drive the car properly now. But the last hour was uneventful (2 drifts with no damage or something) and there it was – first checkered flag with a heavy damaged car sitting in P9. Not bad at all with our Sister Team Cyan right behind us (HUGE thank you to you guys for the setup help) and that was the second round of the GES for Magenta.